Joy El Introduces…Bible Adventure

The Released Time Bible Program has been a part of Joy El for generations. Recently, volunteers, staff and, most importantly, students were given the opportunity to choose a new name for the program. Joy El Generation is excited to announce the new name: Bible Adventure!

Changing the name to Bible Adventure creates consistency throughout the 72 elementary schools participating in the program. Whereas previously the program had been known by several different names (Bible Release, Released Time, Joy El, Bible Time, etc.,) now we can provide excitement and consistency.

“The word ‘adventure’ is very appealing to children,” says board chair Penny Marks. “It gets their attention and gives them a desire to be a part of the program.  We’re taking students on the ultimate adventure of getting to know Jesus and learning to share Him with others.”

It’s important to know that the purpose of the program will remain the same. “Although the name is changing, we’re not changing the structure and format of the program,” says Aaron Ziebarth, executive director of Joy El. “The strong relational emphasis with caring adults who share God’s love with the students will continue to be paramount.  We will teach on meta-narratives of Scripture with practical application. Most importantly, we will continue to provide hope to children, because life is hopeless without Jesus. Pursuing God’s plans for their life is the greatest adventure of all.”

We are excited to strengthen the mission of Joy El by “providing opportunities for people to experience life-change through personal encounters with God.”

For more information about the Bible Adventure program and how your child/grandchild can be involved, please call 717-369-4539 or visit