HAGERSTOWN – About 100 members of Meritus Medical Center’s medical staff were honored for their contributions and achievements during a recent event at Beaver Creek Country Club. Categories of recognition included community service for those who donate personal time to make a difference in this region; leadership for those who demonstrate role model qualities among their colleagues; and patient experience for those recognized by patients, nursing staff and co-workers. Each honoree was given a coin noting his/her achievement category and bearing the hospital’s logo.


Community Service recipients for 2017 include: Johny Alencherry, M.D.; Thomas Amalfitano, M.D.; Matthew G. Beckwith, M.D.; Lorraine Bowen, CRNP; Anand Budi, M.D.; Alvara Cabezas, M.D.; Vincent A. Cantone, M.D.; Jill Ciccarelli, M.D.; Frank Collins, M.D.; Daniel Cornell, M.D.; Tania Ruth Crussiah, M.D.; Sandra M. Fowler, M.D.; Todd Harrison, D.P.M.; Shaheen Iqbal, M.D.; Abdul-Malik Jalloh-Jamboria, CRNA; Jeffrey Jones, M.D.; William B. Kerns, M.D.; Jeremy King, CRNA; Mitesh Kothari, M.D.; the Meritus Medical Center’s emergency department physicians; John Newby, M.D.; George Newman, M.D.; Verna Raynor, CNM, ANP, D.N.P.; Mark Roemer, D.P.M.; Betsy Rosenthal, D.P.M.; Neil Roy, M.D.; Ralph Salvagno, M.D.; Michael Saylor, M.D.; Gregory Smith, D.P.M.; Ronald Spruill, PA-C; William Su, M.D.; Gelnar Talj, PA-C; and Donald Van Wie, M.D.


Leadership recipients for 2017 include: Ali Akmal, M.D.; Thomas Amalfitano, M.D.; Samina Anwar, M.D.; Gail M. Callaway, M.D.; Vincent A. Cantone, M.D.; Chintamaneni Choudari, M.D.; Frank Collins, M.D.; Daniel Cornell, M.D.; Carlo Cutler, M.D.; Salvatore DiMercurio, M.D.; Payam Fallahi, M.D.; Thomas Gilbert III, D.O.; Jay B. Greenberg, M.D.; Kevin Hackett, M.D.; Brian Holmes, M.D.; Shaheen Iqbal, M.D.; Kiranpreet Khosa, M.D.; Ramakrishna Kosuri, M.D.; Richard Kramer, D.D.S.; Jennifer Kuhn, M.D.; Martin Magram, M.D.; Paul Marinelli, M.D.; Michael J. McCormack, M.D.; Lisa Miller, M.D.; Gary Mire, M.D.; John Newby, M.D.; Andrew Oh, M.D.; Robert Parnes, M.D.; H. Neal Reynolds, M.D.; Neil Roy, M.D.; Naheed Saif, M.D.; Ralph Salvagno, M.D.; Julie Sanicola-Johnson, D.O.; Sanjay Saxena, M.D.; Shahab Siddiqui, M.D.; Gregory Smith, D.P.M.; Angela Stonebraker, M.D.; Matthew Wagner, M.D.; Daniel Weinberg, M.D.; Jeremy Yospin, M.D.; and Kimberly Zuzak, M.D.


Patient experience recipients for 2017 include: Johny Alencherry, M.D.; Mohammed Aziz, M.D.; Richard Bryson, M.D.; John Caruso, M.D.; Frank Collins, M.D.; Pajman Danai, M.D.; Tarek El-Sherif, M.D.; Yahia Foda, M.D.; Kevin Hackett, M.D.; Nadim Hawa, M.D.; Allen Hu, M.D.; Kevin G. Hurtt, M.D.; Jeffrey Jones, M.D.; Jeremy King, CRNA; Elizabeth Konadu, M.D.; Marc Kross, M.D.; Dean Notabartolo, M.D.; Feroz Padder, M.D.; Joseph Reilly, M.D.; Shahab Siddiqui, M.D.; William Su, M.D.; Fady E. Tohme, M.D.; Donald Van Wie, M.D.; Abdul Waheed, M.D.; and David Zamara, M.D.


The medical staff at Meritus Medical Center includes more than 600 physicians and advanced practices professionals.


PHOTO – Pictured are a number of medical staff members recently honored by Meritus Medical Center.